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“We have engaged Don to undertake rectification and testing works on behalf of Bodies Corporate in two buildings for stairwell pressurisation compliance. In all instances we have found him extremely professional and diligent in his approach. His simple explanations and focus on delivering a value solution to a problem rather than the most expensive option has seen us deliver savings to the committees we are working for.”


Justin Philip
General Manager
UniLodge on Margaret | UniLodge @ Shafston | UniLodge @ UQ – St Lucia | UniLodge on Gailey | UniLodge The Manors | UniLodge Visage

M: 0408 680 330


“The ACEER technology Group proudly engages QBFSC to undertake all of our fire compliance works in the HVAC industry. The knowledge and experience received from QBFSC ensures that  all of our customers receive the correct information in terms that are understandable and according to legislation requirements.We have worked with QBFSC for many years and will continue to do in the future, they provide service like no other.”

Kind Regards

Adrian Cohrs
Sales Director
ACEER Technology Group

M: 0438 801 946


“The Body Corporate for Riviera SouthBank Apartments has engaged Don Baseley of Queensland  Building Fire Safety & Compliance (QBFSC), to investigate and rectify the Stairwell Pressurisation System that; due to design faults; has underperformed since the opening of the complex some 17 years ago.

This rectification included not only the physical works to make the system compliant, but to research and investigate Brisbane City Council Records to determine and confirm previous Certifications.

QBFSC is currently engaged to provide the Annual and Quarterly Stairwell Pressurisation Testing to ensure Riviera SouthBank Apartments complies with all facets of the Legislation and/or Regulations.”

Ken McKeown
Riviera SouthBank Apartments CTS 27533
Building Manager

Mobile:                0499 285 400


“The Shores is a Gold Coast Building comprising two 35 level towers.
It has 255 Residential Apartments and 19 Retail Lots
It has 11, yes 11 separate sets of Pressurised Fire Stairs including 7 car park stairs.
As all Building Body Corporate’s and Managers know, pressurised fire stairs are very complex and can be very problematic.
However it is essential that they are fully operational as per Australian Standard AS1668 and maintained to AS1851-2012 to ensure the safe evacuation of residents in the unlikely event of the fire.
Without a doubt it is the most difficult task in a building to ensure that once the building goes into alarm that the Fire Stair Pressurisation fans are blowing the correct amount of air through the stairwell, and the doors are easy to open.
In addition, the FSP fans have to adjust flows and pressures in a timely manner as more residents enter the fire stairs on various levels.
It takes real skill and expertise to achieve this.
Prior to contracting Don at QBFSC, technicians ran the fire stair pressurisation fans and just ticked the box.
Right from new the fire stairs were never really compliant.
Once contracted, Don worked out an action plan and used his practical experience and technical expertise to get all 11 stairways fully compliant and operating in the manner which they should, at a very fair and reasonable cost.
I find Don to be very reliable and thorough and most importantly great to work with.
When it comes to Stairwell Pressurisation Systems, he does an outstanding job and in my opinion there is no one better in Queensland who can match his service and expertise.
Thanks to Don and his small team our residents can sleep easy knowing they will always be able to evacuate in a timely and safe manner.”

Hamish JS Watson
Building Manager
The Shores


“We have engaged Don from QBFSC on many of our sites.
High rise commercial sites to a complete shopping centre complex with more than 20 smoke exhaust systems and the same number of air handlers providing pressurisation or the need to be shut down.
We engage Don, not only because he knows all the regulations and requirements of mechanical smoke control systems, but is also extremely proficient in the rectification and commissioning of their required control systems.
With Don’s extensive knowledge in the essential services area we are better able to support our clients and carry out our contracted works. This has led to a win / win situation for all concerned.
I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of QBFSC to any other air conditioning contractors.
With their licensing and ability to operate fire control panels without the need of a fire services contractor being present saves us and our customers from the unwanted extra expense.”

Kevin Stronach
Moreton Bay Air Conditioning
Ph.  0404 011 884

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