The Stairwell Pressurisation and Smoke Control Experts
  • Testing of stairwell pressurisation systems in high rise buildings.
  • Creation of mechanical smoke control matrixes for testing of smoke control measures.
  • Testing and reporting of mechanical smoke control measures.
  • Rectification of systems to meet requirements.

Stairwell Pressurisation Testing

Stairwell Pressurisation Testing. Due to our totally independent structure we have no interest in maintaining air conditioning contracts with our customers thus resulting in a totally truthful and impartial service with only our customers needs in mind.


Mechanical Fire Matrix Development

With the ability to provide engineered solutions to all mechanical smoke control measures, we can arrange full audits and professional engineered solutions for every building requirement.

Maintenance of Smoke Control Systems

Full maintenance complying with legislation can be provided to satisfy both client and legislative requirements. Compliant tailor made reporting complying to legislation is also available.

Fire Safety

Compliance auditing of all fire and mechanical smoke control measures.