The Stairwell Pressurisation and Smoke Control Experts

With the experience and knowledge of a diverse range of smoke control measures we are at the forefront of stairwell pressurisation and mechanical smoke control operation and requirements.

We have been involved in testing and rectification of stairwell pressurisation and mechanical smoke control measures in a wide range of situations and continually provide solutions to comply with legislation thus limiting our clients costs and liability issues.

We are fully QBCC licensed as required in Queensland and concentrate on Queensland regulations only.

Our goal is to return or modify your existing stairwell pressurisation and smoke control measures to their accepted performance at the minimum cost to you.

We can provide a wide range of services  as required by legislation, saving you unnecessary expense and time in training your own representative who may ultimately move on thus creating ongoing excessive cost for you.

We are happy to work with your present Fire Services Contractor to provide compliance of your mechanical smoke control and stair pressurisation systems.

Having copies of all relevant installation and maintenance standards, we can select the appropriate standard for your situation, thus providing compliance of the minimum requirements and passing on the cost savings to you.

Our goal is to provide complete compliance with the current legislation which will ensure the safety of your occupants and minimize your legal insurance risk. (If your building occupants are injured or suffer death your insurance company will find any way to disallow your claim, leaving you liable to litigation and penalty).